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Exclusively for senior executives in the social purpose sector. NPA provides the only collaborative Peer2Peer support network of its kind.


NPA Keynote Series

Now in its fifth year, the NPA Keynote Series and Roundtable events attract first class speakers and capture the latest topics of relevance to our leaders.


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Discover why you need to be part of the NPA Leadership community. We have a flexible range of programs available to meet your specific needs and costs considerations.


Development matters

Investing in the development of non-profit and social purpose leaders is not a “nice to have” but essential to organisational success


Investing in Leadership

We believe that social purpose organisations need to invest in the capabilities of their leaders and those who will be leading their organisations into the future.


Challenging your capabilities

NPA is a program for leaders who want to challenge traditional approaches to business and challenge themselves; and grow their leadership capabilities.

Building leadership capability in the Australian NonProfit Sector

Through collaborative Peer2Peer and leadership development programs


The leading Peer2Peer NFP Community in Australia.

Exclusively for CEOs and Leadership Team members, the NPA Leadership Hub is a vibrant, supportive, learning and mentoring network focused on developing the skills and expertise of senior executives within Australia’s non-profit sector. Our Peer2Peer Leadership HUBs meet with their NPA Chair for collaboration; shared learning; and to table issues and opportunities on a monthly basis.


Tailored programs that address the unique challenges faced by NFP Leaders.

Exclusively for senior managers and aspiring leaders, the NPA Coaching For Leaders and Senior Managers of the social sector, the NPA Coaching Program is a personalised learning and mentoring journey focused on developing the individual leadership skills and expertise of managers who are wanting to move up in the sector. Includes a license for the NPA Goal Tracker app – the ideal tool for remote workplaces.


A positive platform for personal and team
growth and development.

Your individual Strengths Profile will help you to develop strategies that maximise personal growth, performance and wellbeing. Designed by Alex Linley from a decade of theoretical and empirical research in positive psychology, this program aims to unlock your performance potential and help you to realise your leadership strengths.


The essential tool for remote workforces.

A real-time goal tracking app and confidence barometer that captures your team’s performance and identifies your greatest challenges.

Bring structure and rigour to your time-poor, goal-oriented team WIP meetings with this essential app. Help you and your team to set goals aligned to organisational strategy and track them with individual and team dashboards.

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Our members come from a variety of different areas of the non-profit sector and all believe in collaboration, peer-to-peer support and the power of being part of a NPA Leadership Hub. Watch this short video to hear more about our program.

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