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Catalysing the collective wisdom and experience of peers

to build leadership capability in the Australian For Purpose Sector


NPA Keynote Series

Now in its 8th year and over 70 events held, the NPA Keynote Series and Roundtable events attract first class speakers and capture the latest topics of relevance to our leaders.


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Discover why you need to be part of the NPA Leadership community. We have a flexible range of programs available to meet your specific needs and costs considerations.


Development matters

Investing in the development of non-profit and social purpose leaders is not a “nice to have” but essential to organisational success


Investing in Leadership

We believe that social purpose organisations need to invest in the capabilities of their leaders and those who will be leading their organisations into the future.


Challenging your capabilities

NPA is a program for leaders who want to challenge traditional approaches to business and challenge themselves; and grow their leadership capabilities.


Our Members

Our members are executives from the following charities, just to name a few.


Event Date: 07/03/2024


Discover what The NonProfit Alliance is all about! Join our upcoming FREE Information Session, where you will: Receive an introduction to The NonProfit Alliance programs directly from Carmel Molloy NPA CEO and Kate Mills, NPA Member & CEO of the Property Industry Foundation. Experience the power of Peer2peer support by participating in a mini 2.5hr NPA Info Session, providing an experiential and informative taste of the NPA Leadership Hub program. Have the opportunity to attend an informal end-of-day gathering and network with other members of the NPA community. Come prepared to share a bit about yourself and the greatest challenges you currently face. REGISTER HERE.
Event Date: 07/03/2024


Our Boards and Executive Teams are the backbone of our organisations, playing a crucial role in co-creating strategy and shaping the culture that defines our success. As your organisation evolves over time, does your Board and Executive Team take time to reflect on their own relationship and its influence on good governance? Delivering on the aspirations of your key stakeholders, and achieving the social impact that you long for, requires synergy and alignment. How often do your Board/Executive Team ask themselves if they are in the best possible position to: Meet the demands and challenges that can accompany change; Make bold changes when needed; Embrace contemporary design thinking and flexibility in how Boards are formed and reviewed; Realistically assess the achievability of expectations set; Create a level of visibility around the support and influence you provide back to your organisation and the community? And how well defined are the roles and responsibilities across your Board/Executive Team? Are they enablers to high performance? This workshop will provide a valuable opportunity for you to step outside your everyday demands, reflect on the shifting roles and consider realignment of your Board/Executive Team, so it is well positioned for your emerging future. Expertly facilitated by Leadership Space and followed by an Expert Panel discussion on what a thriving Board/Executive Team does - and doesn’t - look like. You’ll take away a host of practical tools and ideas to renegotiate the relationship dynamic. Ideal for Board Chairs, Directors, CEOs, and Senior Executives, the workshop is even more impactful when attended by multiple team members. REGISTER YOUR SPOT


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