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Exclusively for senior executives in the social purpose sector. NPA provides the only collaborative Peer2Peer support network of its kind.


NPA Keynote Series

Now in its 7th year and over 70 events held, the NPA Keynote Series and Roundtable events attract first class speakers and capture the latest topics of relevance to our leaders.


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Discover why you need to be part of the NPA Leadership community. We have a flexible range of programs available to meet your specific needs and costs considerations.


Development matters

Investing in the development of non-profit and social purpose leaders is not a “nice to have” but essential to organisational success


Investing in Leadership

We believe that social purpose organisations need to invest in the capabilities of their leaders and those who will be leading their organisations into the future.


Challenging your capabilities

NPA is a program for leaders who want to challenge traditional approaches to business and challenge themselves; and grow their leadership capabilities.

Building leadership capability in the Australian NonProfit Sector

Our Members

Our members are executives from the following charities, just to name a few.

NPA Leadership Hub

Exclusively for CEOs and Senior Executives, the NPA Leadership Hub is a vibrant, supportive, learning and mentoring network focused on developing the skills and expertise of senior leadership team members of Australia’s non-profit organisations.

  • Become part of a strong community of non-profit leaders who understand you and your business.
  • Receive strategic support and advice from a dedicated hub of 12 peers who, like you, are leaders within the sector.
  • Work with an experienced non-profit chair/mentor who leads and facilitates the Leadership Hub, drives accountability and decision making and supports you to achieve your goals. You also receive four one-to-one mentoring sessions with your Chair per year.
  • Gain the expertise and experience of guest speakers who are experts in their field (both from the non-profit and corporate sectors).
  • Receive and provide peer feedback and advice on strategies, business plans and outcomes.
  • Learn innovative and practical solutions to everyday issues and challenges.
  • Get the opportunity to grow your commercial acumen and your confidence.
  • Be provided with a comprehensive understanding of, and ability to maximise, your personal leadership strengths using the personal emotional intelligence Strengths Profile tool.
  • Receive practical tools to measure and track monthly success, 90 day goals and business objectives.
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Coaching Programs

Every NPA Coach is a senior executive with extensive experience in the NFP sector. That’s what sets our program apart – we understand your role and the challenges and rewards of working in a social sector organisation.

  • An experienced non-profit coach who will work alongside you to help you to identify and reach your personal leadership objectives and help address your areas of development, while holding you accountable to achieve your goals.
  • NPA Keynote & Roundtable Series – complimentary access to guest speakers who are experts in their field (both from the non-profit and corporate sectors).
  • Leadership Strengths – a comprehensive understanding of, and ability to maximise, your personal leadership strengths, using the personal emotional intelligence CAPP Strengths Profiler that provides a positive platform for professional development.
  • Goal Tracker – a real time online tool to measure monthly progress against organisational goals.
  • News & Views – updates to keep you abreast of what’s happening in the sector and in leadership.
  • Networking opportunities with NPA Leadership Hub Members and other NPA coaching clients at the special events.
  • Innovative and practical solutions to everyday issues and challenges.
  • The opportunity to grow your commercial acumen and your confidence.
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Goal Tracker

The NPA Goal Tracker is a new digital tool developed specifically for the needs of time-poor, goal-oriented teams. It is the essential tool for remote workforces.


We’ll set up all your team profiles and train the team!

  • Align organisational strategy to team goal setting.
  • Provide structure and rigour to your team WIP meetings.
  • Each team member defines their goals and greatest challenges.
  • Agree key measures of success and track performance/progress over time.
  • View progress via personalised individual & team online dashboards.
  • Monitor team confidence through a barometer that gauges how individuals are feeling.
  • Ensure focus and commitment to the priorities of each team member.
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A strengths based approach to leadership has the potential to transform organisational culture and improve business outcomes.

  • All NPA Chairs & Coaches are CAPP Accredited Strengths Practitioners.
  • Your individual Strengths Profile will help you to develop strategies that maximise your personal growth, performance and wellbeing as a Manager or Leader.
  • Research has proven that when individuals and teams identify and use their strengths, they experience higher levels of confidence and energy; increased productivity and goal attainment.
  • Team Strengths Workshops are a fun, yet highly effective way to enhance relationships and communication, leading to a happier more engaged workplace and increased role clarity.
  • Understand what makes you a great leader and how you can use your strengths to create maximum impact for your team and organisation.
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Latest News

August 9, 2022 in Business, Leadership, Personal

The Power Of Purpose And Why It Matters Now

Let purpose be your daily driver! Keep the bigger picture in mind and ensure your actions are in alignment with what matters most to you - as a leader within…
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August 16, 2022

NPA Keynote Series – Sept 2022 – Beyond the market noise: understanding investment risks for NFPs

As social sector Leaders we need to understand the challenges of preserving our capital while financing our mission’s activities, which can be a daunting task during times of market volatility, especially with the current risk of recession and rising inflation.   As Leaders we should be asking ourselves: How well do I understand my organisations investment portfolio? How well do I understand the risks? And the level of reserves needed in a volatile market? Kej Somaia, understands the challenges we face and can help answer these questions in our September Keynote Event Beyond the market noise: understanding investment risks for NFPs.  The session will cover an approach to investment that touches on: -Governance & philosophy  -Understanding capital markets -Whether to be strategic or dynamic with your asset allocation -How to construct a balanced portfolio  -Investment risk: how to measure and manage it -Responsible investment  Join us for this one hour session to better understand the risks and rewards of your investment portfolio, and manage your funds in a sustainable, future-focused wayRead More

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