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Leadership readiness is among the greatest risks companies face today. According to the 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report by Deloitte, 89% of executive survey respondents “rated the need to strengthen, re-engineer, and improve organizational leadership as an important priority.” But “more than half of surveyed executives (56%) reported their companies are not ready to meet leadership needs.” According to its 2017 Global Human Capital study, “organizational capabilities to address leadership dropped by 2%.”

The demand for talent that is identified and ready to step in has never been greater. Traditional models of leadership development are still used but are not developing the type of leader necessary for today’s business environment.

Be aware of how well-prepared your leadership pipeline is and how effective your leadership talent management practices are at producing the next generation of highly capable leaders. Here are 10 warning signs to watch for, beyond the typical misses in financial performance, that may indicate challenges with your leadership pipeline and related talent management practices: