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March 2024

To Solve a Tough Problem, Reframe It

By Business, Leadership

Research shows that leaders and their teams devote too little effort to examining and defining problems before trying to solve them.

A study looked at 350 decision-making processes at medium to large companies and found that more than half failed to achieve desired results, often because perceived time pressure caused people to pay insufficient attention to examining problems from all angles and exploring their complexities. By jumping immediately into problem-solving, teams limit their ability to design innovative and durable solutions.


9 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2024 and Beyond

By Business, Operations, Workplace

In 2023, organisations continued to face significant challenges, from inflation to geopolitical turmoil to controversy over DEI and return-to-work policies — and 2024 promises more disruption.

Gartner researchers have identified nine key trends, from new and creative employee benefits to the collapse of traditional career paths, that will impact work this year. Employers who successfully navigate these will retain top talent and secure a competitive advantage for themselves.


How to build an inclusive workplace

By Board & Governance, Business, Leadership, People & Culture, Personal

Board dynamics are influenced not only by formal meetings but also by informal interactions among members outside the boardroom. To address potential factions and ensure effective decision-making, the chair and board members should establish clear guidelines for engagement, including codes of conduct and transparency about offline conversations.

Creating a positive and inclusive environment involves maintaining neutrality, patience, and equal access to information. Ultimately, promoting constructive dialogue and understanding both inside and outside meetings is crucial to prevent detrimental coalitions and enhance decision quality.


Leadership lessons from the front line of the NFP sector

By Business, Leadership, Workplace

This white paper brings together the collective wisdom of nine highly experienced and motivated senior leaders in the not-for-profit sector.

Each member of the Community Directors Council (the Institute of Community Directors Australia’s advisory body) shares their personal insights about what they have learned from their time spent on the front line of for-purpose organisations and offer advice on how their experience can help emerging leaders to perform at the highest level.


Impact at Scale: Sector survey summary

By Business, Operations, Revenue - Fundraising

In 2023, Social Ventures Australia (SVA) kicked off a new program of work to better understand how Australian social purpose leaders and organisations can help drive impact at scale. This document summarises the key findings from the sector survey completed for the project. It explores:

  • Key understandings and views on impact at scale
  • The importance of impact at scale to their work across the social sector
  • Enablers and barriers faced by people and organisations working towards impact at scale;
  • Different pathways adopted by people and organisations working towards impact at scale


4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Careers

By Career Development, Personal

The article discusses the ongoing consideration of career shifts post-Great Resignation and offers four critical questions from “Reinventing You” to ponder before transitioning to a new field. These questions include understanding the motivation behind the change, testing hypotheses through small-scale experiments, assessing financial readiness for potential pay cuts, and devising fallback plans to mitigate risks. By addressing these considerations, professionals can navigate career transitions more smoothly and effectively unleash their talents in new endeavors.


How Fast Should Your Company Really Grow?

By Business, Revenue - Other

Growth—in revenues and profits—is the yardstick by which the competitive fitness and health of organisations is measured. Companies need a growth strategy that encompasses three related sets of decisions: how fast to grow, where to seek new sources of demand, and how to develop the financial, human, and organisational capabilities needed to grow.

This article offers a framework for examining the critical interdependencies of those decisions in the context of a company’s overall business strategy, its capabilities and culture, and external market dynamics.


How do leaders assess their own performance?

By Career Development, Leadership, Personal

The article explores CEO performance assessment through insights gleaned from a preliminary analysis of a CEO Excellence Assessment Tool encompassing over 100 CEOs.

It reveals areas where CEOs exhibit confidence as well as vulnerability, providing insights into the leadership challenges they encounter. Notably, while CEOs feel adept at managing personal effectiveness, they encounter difficulties in board management and stakeholder engagement.