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May 16, 2024

Budget brings some relief for struggling Australians

By Business, Financial Management

The federal Budget this week prioritised measures aimed at alleviating the strain of living costs, responding to calls from various sectors addressing issues like homelessness, housing affordability, and electricity costs. Treasurer Jim Chalmers highlighted a $9.3 billion surplus while unveiling initiatives such as a power bill rebate, increased rental assistance, tax cuts, student debt reduction, and funding for domestic violence support and aged care. However, despite some welcome measures, organisations like the Antipoverty Centre, Mission Australia, and Anglicare expressed disappointment, emphasising the need for more substantial support, especially for disadvantaged Australians. Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the lack of sufficient support for mental health and environmental issues, indicating that while the Budget addressed some immediate concerns, deeper and more comprehensive solutions are needed for lasting impact.


Budget is great intel for not-for-profits

By Business, Financial Management, Other

Not-for-profits should closely examine the federal Budget for opportunities to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the country, according to a leading social sector economic commentator.

While acknowledging the budget’s efforts to assist struggling sectors, Emma Dawson, the executive director of the Per Capita economic think tank, urges not-for-profits to strategically engage with government policies, highlighting their role in providing solutions and advocating for long-term structural reforms to address economic inequality, tax concessions, and housing affordability.