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The Australian Charities Report aggregates data from over 51,000 charities to provide a comprehensive overview of the sector’s dynamics. In 2022, charities faced significant financial pressures, with expenses and liabilities increasing more than revenues and assets. Total sector revenue reached a record high of just over $200 billion, driven by a $11 billion increase, while expenses surged by $22 billion. Employee expenses notably rose by nearly 10%, marking the highest annual increase recorded. Despite a 4.4% growth in donations totaling $13.9 billion, philanthropy through grants increased substantially by 21% to $11.7 billion. Charities remain significant employers, comprising 10.5% of the Australian workforce, and rely heavily on volunteers, though numbers dipped from previous highs. The report underscores the challenges faced by extra small charities, which constitute nearly a third of the sector yet operate with minimal income and staffing. It emphasizes the diverse landscape of Australian charities and the critical role of data transparency in informing sector policies and operations.


Olivia Mitchell