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Jane Ferrier

What does your company really stand for?​

By Business, Marketing & Communications, Operations, People & Culture, Workplace

When a company’s official values match those of its employees—a situation they call values alignment—the benefits include higher job satisfaction, less turnover, better teamwork, more-effective communication, bigger contributions to the organization, and more-productive negotiations, not to mention more diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Beware a culture of busyness​

By Business, Operations, People & Culture, Workplace

Explore both the downsides of busyness (employee turnover, reduced engagement, absenteeism, and impaired health) and the reasons for our obsession with it. As well as strategies for breaking away from this fixation: Reward output, not activity. Eliminate low-value work to make time for “deep work.” Force people off the clock, and allow time for their minds to wander creatively. Model the right behavior, and build slack into your systems.

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A framework for ethical AI​

By Business, IT/Digital

Artificial intelligence has untold potential to transform society for the better. It also has equal potential to cause untold harm. This is why it must be developed ethically, if technology companies are reluctant to pay careful attention to ethics, then we should call on our governments to impose sensible regulations on them.​

The goal is not to hinder AI but to ensure that it operates as intended and that the benefits flow on to the greatest possible number. ​

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10 Questions every board director needs to ask about ESG​ ​ ​ ​

By Board & Governance, Business, Business Goals

Companies are increasingly being judged on their ESG outcomes, not just their financial success. This means that of two similar companies, the one with a strong ESG record is likely to be preferred by many stakeholders.​

These 10 questions will help board directors to consider their responsibilities in relation to ESG at their organisation.

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You Need Two Leadership Gears

By Business, Leadership, People & Culture, Personal

The debate about the best way to lead has been raging for years: Should you empower your people and get out of their way, or take charge and push them to do great work? The answer, say the authors, is to do both. Their research shows that effective leaders routinely shift between these two seemingly opposing modes—and build teams whose members are good at switching back and forth too.

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Can a robot write your next funding application?

By Business, IT/Digital, Revenue - Other

Not-for-profits and charities are leaping onto the ChatGPT bandwagon for a range of reasons, and among the top uses is generating grant applications, faster.

Our Community is taking a keen interest in the field of artificial intelligence, and its four-person data team is using machine learning and other techniques to develop new products and insights for grantseekers and funders.

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