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Jane Ferrier

How to Stop Procrastinating

By Business, Work-Life Balance, Workplace

Most of us procrastinate. We feel guilty about it and criticize ourselves for it. And yet we still do it. Why? Because of at least three factors: the absence of good habits and systems (poor discipline), intolerance for particular emotions (like anxiety or boredom), and our own flawed thinking patterns. When you understand these causes, you can use strategies that target them. You can minimize minor incidents of procrastination—such as when you drag your heels and don’t start a project until close to its due date—and head off the bigger problems your patterns of delay are causing.

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JBWere Corporate Support Report

By Business, People & Culture

The latest JBWere Corporate Support Report has just been released. 

The report covers:

  • The evolution of the corporate-community relationship; 
  • The scale and shape of corporate Australia;
  • The broad range of assets and capabilities corporates can bring to impact focused partnerships;
  • Considerations for corporate community investment initiatives; and 
  • Considerations for community and the for-purpose sector. 

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Vulnerability and resilience in the social sector: what we learnt through Covid-19

By Business, People & Culture

The social sector is increasingly becoming focused on outcomes. Government departments, philanthropists and consumers of social services are encouraging a shift towards an outcomes-focused approach. 

Service providers are responding in a range of ways to help them secure funding, or to help them improve their capacity to achieve positive changes for their stakeholders.​

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