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Rachel Mason

Balancing Act: The New Equation in hybrid working

By Business, Business Goals, Work-Life Balance, Workplace

Hybrid work is here to stay – it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘how’. This great report from PWC highlights 7 criteria that leaders should be assessing in regard to the new hybrid workplace. Working-from-home has led to many benefits, as well as drawbacks and this checklist could help you to assess all the aspects at play in your workplace.

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Community sector forced to carry the costs of the crisis

By Operations, People & Culture, Programs & Services

​This report involving over 1800 community sector employees highlighted acute funding shortages; increased difficulties in securing funding; a reliance on short-term contracts; opaque and problematic contract renewal processes; contracting arrangements constraining or influencing advocacy; high amounts of unpaid work; concerns about job security; and recruitment and retention challenges.

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Why We’ll Never Be the Same Again (and Why It’s Time to Talk About It)

By Business, Leadership, Personal, Work-Life Balance, Workplace

“This is one of the most important conversations that we’ve ever had on the Dare to Lead podcast. I’m talking with Scott Sonenshein, a researcher, organizational psychologist, and New York Times best-selling author, about the pandemic, the racial reckoning, and work—specifically, what it means for people going to the office for the first time, or staying hybrid, or working from home. We will never be the same again after what we’ve experienced over the past couple of years, and it’s time we talk about how we’re going to rebuild moving forward”. – Brene Brown

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Reinventing Your Leadership Team

By Business, Leadership, Workplace

As companies strive to build competitive advantage in a world obsessed with digitising, they find that what they need from their leaders is changing. Their top people must be able to reimagine the company’s place in the world and transform the organization to live up to a more ambitious purpose. That will mean fundamental change not only in the executives themselves but also in how they collectively manage and lead the business.

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