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Reviewing charities’ financial information and annual financial reports​

By Board & Governance, Business, Financial Management

Each year, charities must submit an annual return to the ACNC – the Annual Information Statement. Alongside their Annual Information Statements, medium and large charities must also submit an annual financial report (AFR), which must comply with the ACNC’s requirements for financial reports.

The ACNC emphasises the importance of voluntary disclosure of information in AFRs to enhance transparency, accountability, and public trust in the charitable sector, and they regularly review the quality and accuracy of these reports to improve reporting compliance and guidance.

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How Good if Your Board? Take this free Board Health Check

By Board & Governance, Business

If your organisation is asking itself “How effective is our board; and are we thinking about the big questions?”, then this free Board Health Check is for you!

The Board Health Check helps time-poor boards become as effective as possible, beyond just legal compliance. You will receive valuable insights into your top performance areas and key areas for improvement. You’ll also be able to see whether or not your directors are aligned in their perspectives.

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Vote Yes to support a Voice to Parliament, so that First Nations peoples can have a say on matters that affect them.

By Board & Governance, Business, People & Culture

This video titled “Uluru Statement from the Heart” showcases the collective voice of Indigenous Australians and their plea for constitutional recognition and a genuine partnership with the government. The video provides a powerful platform for raising awareness about the ongoing struggles faced by Indigenous communities and promotes dialogue and action towards reconciliation and justice.

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Everything you need to know about the Indigenous Voice Referendum | Video Lab | ABC News

By Board & Governance, Business, People & Culture

Australia will hold a referendum later this year on having an Indigenous Voice to Parliament written into the constitution.

While the Voice could be done without a referendum, Indigenous people asked in the Uluru Statement from the Heart for it to be enshrined into the nation’s founding document as recognition for First Nations people.

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A ‘tentatively good’ budget for not-for-profits and charities

By Board & Governance, Business, Financial Management, Revenue - Fundraising

David Crosbie, CEO of the Community Council for Australia assessment is that this budget passes – and takes some important steps in the right direction – but it is not a bold or assertive budget, and lacks significant and sustained investment in programs and services that could make a real difference to charities, not-for-profits, and the communities they serve.

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10 Questions every board director needs to ask about ESG​ ​ ​ ​

By Board & Governance, Business, Business Goals

Companies are increasingly being judged on their ESG outcomes, not just their financial success. This means that of two similar companies, the one with a strong ESG record is likely to be preferred by many stakeholders.​

These 10 questions will help board directors to consider their responsibilities in relation to ESG at their organisation.

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