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Technology Corner – Navigating Supply Chain Risks for NDIS Disability Service Providers

By Business, IT/Digital, Programs & Services

For the disability service provision under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), ensuring a seamless experience for participants is paramount.

Among this dedication to care, a critical yet often overlooked aspect is supply chain risk management. The very foundation on which services are built can be vulnerable to disruptions, but with a strategic approach, disability service providers can not only safeguard their operations but also enhance their participants’ trust.

Understanding Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply chain risk management involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks that could disrupt the flow of products or services within an organisation. In the context of NDIS disability service providers, this refers to the networks of individuals, contractors, and organisations that collectively contribute to the participant experience.

The Risks That Lurk

Dependency Risks: Dependency on a few suppliers, especially individual contractors, can be precarious. If a key contractor faces an unexpected event, service continuity could be compromised.

Quality Assurance Risks: The quality of services may suffer if suppliers fail to meet standards or provide inadequate support.

Data Security Risks: Sharing sensitive participant data with contractors demands robust data security measures to prevent breaches or misuse.

Mitigation Strategies for Disability Service Providers

Diverse Supplier Portfolio: Reduce dependency risks by diversifying your supplier base. Instead of relying solely on individual contractors, engage with a mix of professionals and organisations.

Supplier Evaluation: Rigorously evaluate potential suppliers. Consider their track record, reputation, and capacity to meet NDIS requirements.

Contractual Clarity: Clearly outline expectations, standards, and contingency plans in contracts. This provides a solid foundation for mutual understanding and dispute resolution.

Data Security Measures: If contractors handle participant data, implement data protection protocols. Consider measures such as encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

Continuity Planning: Develop a comprehensive continuity plan that outlines steps to be taken in case of supplier disruptions. This plan could include alternatives and contingencies.

Ongoing Monitoring: Implement ongoing monitoring mechanisms, especially for individual contractors. This could involve regular communication, feedback loops, and even employing a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to ensure their devices are secure.

Embracing a Holistic Approach

The journey towards robust supply chain risk management is a collaborative one, engaging suppliers, participants, and stakeholders alike. As NDIS disability service providers, we have a unique opportunity to set new benchmarks for excellence in care provision. Let us embark on this journey with empathy, responsibility, and dedication to the betterment of those we serve.

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Not-for-profit Leadership 2023 awards finalists announced!​

By Business, Leadership, People & Culture, Personal, Programs & Services

As the proud presenting partner, The NonProfit Alliance would like to extend our congratulations to all the 2023 finalists. The winners will be announced at a cocktail event at Doltone House on Thursday, June 15 – we hope to see you there!

The awards program shines a light on organisations, teams and individuals who have demonstrated excellence and courage in their leadership. The program also helps recognise the outstanding leaders of the many charities and not-for-profits that deliver on fundamental societal needs.

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Celebrating our NFP Leaders.. in the best and worst of times.​

By Business, People & Culture, Personal, Programs & Services

The NonProfit Allia is honoured to join the Australian Scholarships Foundation as Presenting Partner of the 2023 NFP LEADERSHIP AWARDS.

There are so many reasons why celebrating leadership in our sector is important: to recognise the efforts of individuals, inspire others to get involved, build community, and ensure the sustainability of our sector and its organisations. NPA is thrilled to be celebrating our many leaders, whose talent, commitment, innovation and dedication are deserving of the highest recognition.

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Giving Heroes by The Funding Network​

By Business, People & Culture, Programs & Services

Does your non-profit organisation work to make the world better for young people? Giving Heroes by The Funding Network is designed to develop the next generation of changemakers – those who will create the solutions of tomorrow. This program brings young people (aged 6-12 years) together to:​

  • Learn about three organisations helping kids across Australia.​
  • Raise funds and awareness for the organisation they want to support​
  • Learn about the collective impact of their funding support​

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Data For Social Good ​

By Business, IT/Digital, People & Culture, Programs & Services

Data for Social Good is a new, free resource which aims to make the sector more data-savy by providing practical examples and evidence for the social sector to make the most out of its data.​

The book has been designed for leaders and board members who are interested in becoming capable with data and how to get started, as well as for researchers partnering with the social sector on data projects for public good.

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PWCs 3rd Annual Not-For-Profit CEO Survey

By Board & Governance, Business, Operations, People & Culture, Programs & Services

PWCs 3rd Annual Not-For-Profit CEO Survey highlights two core themes impacting small to large NFPs across cause areas:

  • Facing into the skills shortage
  • Delivering in a digital world

This year, results also indicate that 77% of NFPs have upskilled employees over the past 12 months, creating a stronger organisational culture and greater employee engagement (80%), higher workforce productivity (77%) and greater organisational growth (72%).

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Not-for-profit Net-Zero Heroes

By Business, People & Culture, Programs & Services

Climate change is a serious governance issue for Australian not-for-profits. It affects everything from workforce planning to funding to the safety of people and physical properties. It has to be understood, planned for, responded to. Community leaders have a responsibility to ensure their organisations are ready.

This ICDA mini-site is designed to help you understand, prepare for and adapt to climate change, and act now to cut your own greenhouse gas emissions.

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Governing Charities online learning program

By Business, People & Culture, Programs & Services

The acting ACNC Commissioner announced a major initiative to support charities in an effort to make sure their charities are well-run —  a new free online training program.

The Governing Charities online learning program will benefit those looking to improve their leadership and governance of an Australian charity. It has been designed to support leadership and accountability in the charity sector. The free online program is designed to be flexible, accessible and self-paced.

Acting Commissioners Column announcing online course offering:   Boosting transparency, building trust

Access ACNC free online program here

Learn from other CEOs about corporate partnerships

By Board & Governance, Business, Programs & Services, Revenue - Other

Any strategy that helps non-profits flourish comes with its risks and opportunities.  A corporate partnership is not like a donation and can lead to over-servicing, damaged reputation and domination, if not managed well.    

The opportunities, however, are endless when entered into with eyes wide open – including untied funding, valuable expertise and mass market exposure.   

At the upcoming two-day Corporate Partnerships Summit, learn from those that have been there, done that.  It includes a stand-alone live panel discussion with CEO’s who have experienced success. plus learned the lessons along the way: PetRescue, School Fun Run, Life Flight, Bully Zero, ACRE, facilitated by our own Carmel Molloy.   

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