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More Australians need help, but we’re giving less

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Amid Australia’s escalating cost-of-living crisis, a significant majority – 78% – of individuals have reduced their charitable donations, according to research by The University of Queensland for Giving What We Can.

The survey underscores Australians’ enduring commitment to social impact, with 61% still valuing charitable giving despite financial pressures. However, the study reveals a disparity: while Australians perceive themselves as generous, they donate just 0.38% of GDP, less than comparably affluent nations.


Icebergs ahead: The charity sector is becoming unsustainable

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The latest Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Australian Charities Report, highlighted by Community Council for Australia CEO David Crosbie, underscores a sector facing significant challenges. The report emphasizes the crucial role of the ACNC in providing timely and accurate sector-wide insights through its analysis of Annual Information Statements. Before the ACNC’s establishment, charity data was sparse and often outdated. Now, with detailed findings revealing rising expenses outpacing revenue growth, particularly notable in a nearly 10% increase in employee expenses, concerns about sector sustainability and capacity are mounting. Urgent reforms are needed to address these issues and ensure charities can continue effectively serving their communities amid escalating operational pressures and financial constraints.


A Decade Of Data: Australian Charities Report Unveils Sector’s Economic Impact Amid Rising Costs

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The Australian Charities Report aggregates data from over 51,000 charities to provide a comprehensive overview of the sector’s dynamics. In 2022, charities faced significant financial pressures, with expenses and liabilities increasing more than revenues and assets. Total sector revenue reached a record high of just over $200 billion, driven by a $11 billion increase, while expenses surged by $22 billion. Employee expenses notably rose by nearly 10%, marking the highest annual increase recorded. Despite a 4.4% growth in donations totaling $13.9 billion, philanthropy through grants increased substantially by 21% to $11.7 billion. Charities remain significant employers, comprising 10.5% of the Australian workforce, and rely heavily on volunteers, though numbers dipped from previous highs. The report underscores the challenges faced by extra small charities, which constitute nearly a third of the sector yet operate with minimal income and staffing. It emphasizes the diverse landscape of Australian charities and the critical role of data transparency in informing sector policies and operations.


Impact at Scale: Sector survey summary

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In 2023, Social Ventures Australia (SVA) kicked off a new program of work to better understand how Australian social purpose leaders and organisations can help drive impact at scale. This document summarises the key findings from the sector survey completed for the project. It explores:

  • Key understandings and views on impact at scale
  • The importance of impact at scale to their work across the social sector
  • Enablers and barriers faced by people and organisations working towards impact at scale;
  • Different pathways adopted by people and organisations working towards impact at scale


Frameworks for understanding impact at scale

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In a project funded by the AMP Foundation and the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Social Ventures Australia (SVA) has undertaken an investigation into the challenges of creating impact at scale in the social sector and equipping social sector leaders in Australia for this endeavor.

As part of the project, a literature review explored various frameworks used by social purpose leaders globally in their pursuit of impact at scale. Each framework offers unique perspectives on achieving impact at scale, addressing aspects such as building blocks, strategic levers, conditions for systems change, scaling strategies, endgame options, field components, and system innovation.

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Mass charities data breach prompts warnings​

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Australian charities are scrambling to review their data management systems and processes in the wake of a ransomware attack exposing the information of tens of thousands of donors.

Authorities have warned organisations to be wary of relying on third-party providers who have access to their data, as the shockwaves continue from a huge fundraising breach that has affected an estimated 70 Australian and New Zealand charities.

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A ‘tentatively good’ budget for not-for-profits and charities

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David Crosbie, CEO of the Community Council for Australia assessment is that this budget passes – and takes some important steps in the right direction – but it is not a bold or assertive budget, and lacks significant and sustained investment in programs and services that could make a real difference to charities, not-for-profits, and the communities they serve.

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Fundraising rules to be harmonised nationally​

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In a move that could save the charity sector $1 million a month and many admin headaches, fundraising regulations will be consistent across the country for the first time. ​

“The principles will give charities and donors a clear understanding of appropriate conduct, while allowing for greater flexibility as to how charities achieve compliance,” said Assistant Minister for Competition, Charities and Treasury Andrew Leigh.

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