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Icebergs ahead: The charity sector is becoming unsustainable

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The latest Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Australian Charities Report, highlighted by Community Council for Australia CEO David Crosbie, underscores a sector facing significant challenges. The report emphasizes the crucial role of the ACNC in providing timely and accurate sector-wide insights through its analysis of Annual Information Statements. Before the ACNC’s establishment, charity data was sparse and often outdated. Now, with detailed findings revealing rising expenses outpacing revenue growth, particularly notable in a nearly 10% increase in employee expenses, concerns about sector sustainability and capacity are mounting. Urgent reforms are needed to address these issues and ensure charities can continue effectively serving their communities amid escalating operational pressures and financial constraints.


How Fast Should Your Company Really Grow?

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Growth—in revenues and profits—is the yardstick by which the competitive fitness and health of organisations is measured. Companies need a growth strategy that encompasses three related sets of decisions: how fast to grow, where to seek new sources of demand, and how to develop the financial, human, and organisational capabilities needed to grow.

This article offers a framework for examining the critical interdependencies of those decisions in the context of a company’s overall business strategy, its capabilities and culture, and external market dynamics.


Can a robot write your next funding application?

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Not-for-profits and charities are leaping onto the ChatGPT bandwagon for a range of reasons, and among the top uses is generating grant applications, faster.

Our Community is taking a keen interest in the field of artificial intelligence, and its four-person data team is using machine learning and other techniques to develop new products and insights for grantseekers and funders.

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The Status of ANZ Fundraising – 2022 Benchmark Report​

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The very first Status of ANZ Fundraising Report featuring the views and insight of charity professionals working in organisations across Australia and New Zealand. ​

The report creates a comprehensive view of fundraising in 2022 and provides a unique opportunity for charities looking to benchmark their performance.

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What Australia’s rising millennial population means for the future of philanthropy

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The latest census data reveals that Australia’s millennial population now sits on par with baby boomers. This is a generation that cares deeply about social issues but seeks to take tangible action. Many will use the money they earn and the money they inherit to influence change on issues they care about most.

Brayden Howie, CEO of Action on Poverty, says this echoes a growing generational shift underway within the philanthropic sector that marks the beginning of a new era of giving.

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ACNC annual report shows volatile year for charities​

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The ACNC has tabled its annual report in Parliament, giving a glimpse into the year that was for the charity regulator.​

The report highlights that charities have faced a volatile year, but that charities were resilient even as demand increased.​

The report also highlights the ACNC’s actions over the past year, including enhancements to the Charity Register.​

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Red Tape Cuts For Australian Charities Highlighted In Acnc Annual Report​

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Significant red tape cuts for thousands of Australian charities are highlighted in the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) annual report.

Acting Commissioner Deborah Jenkins said the report sets out a range of achievements in 2021-22. “We worked closely with the Australian Government to implement changes to charity size thresholds, meaning red tape cuts for around 5,000 Australian charities. With their size shifting downward, they have fewer ACNC reporting obligations, starting from the 2022 Annual Information Statement reporting period,” Ms Jenkins said.

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