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Budget is great intel for not-for-profits

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Not-for-profits should closely examine the federal Budget for opportunities to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the country, according to a leading social sector economic commentator.

While acknowledging the budget’s efforts to assist struggling sectors, Emma Dawson, the executive director of the Per Capita economic think tank, urges not-for-profits to strategically engage with government policies, highlighting their role in providing solutions and advocating for long-term structural reforms to address economic inequality, tax concessions, and housing affordability.


How to Discuss the Undiscussables on Your Team

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Surfacing the ‘undiscussables’ on your team may be uncomfortable, but it must be an ongoing campaign, or they will sneakily build up in the background and impact your employees’ morale.

In this article, the author explains how to spot the classic signs of undiscussables — meetings marked by quick consensus, a lack of productive debate, or uneven participation — and offers strategies on how to uncover those unexpressed thoughts and feelings to help your team work more productively.

How to succeed in digital and AI transformations

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In this Inside the Strategy Room podcast episode, McKinsey senior partner Eric Lamarre discusses the widespread adoption of digital and AI transformations in companies and emphasizes the importance of making these changes enduring. Lamarre outlines the critical elements needed for successful transformation, focusing on talent, operating models, and technology and data capabilities. He highlights the challenge of moving from successful pilots to large-scale implementation, attributing the hurdle to organizational, talent, and data issues rather than technological obstacles.

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The need for speed in the post-COVID-19 era—and how to achieve it

The need for speed in the post-COVID-19 era—and how to achieve it

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“Survey findings confirm that organizational speed is an essential ingredient for outperformance in times of unprecedented change, and point to three ways companies can gain speed for the longer term.. The executives we surveyed report that organizational silos, unclear strategy, and slow decision making frequently interfere with attempts to boost the rate at which work gets done.

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NPA joins Social Enterprise Council of NSW/ACT

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The NonProfit Alliance (NPA) is delighted to have been accepted as a Member of the Social Enterprise Council of NSW & ACT (SECNA).

SECNA is a member-led peak body that represents the interests of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises across New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory. Its purpose is to raise social enterprise awareness and understanding, build a connected social enterprise ecosystem and advocate to Government.

NPA is passionate about creating a sustainable future for the non-profit and social purpose sector and achieving a more socially aware Australia. It’s our belief that to do this, social purpose organisations need to invest in the capabilities of their leaders, and those who will be leading their organisations into the future.

“Since inception, NPA has – and will always continue to – reinvest a significant percentage of profits into NFP leadership development through full and partial scholarships and our leadership programs and tools like the newly launched Goal Tracker App. We’re looking forward to playing our part in supporting SECNA’s strategic goals to further develop the social enterprise sector for lasting public benefit,” said Carmel Molloy, NPA’s CEO and co-founder.

You can find more about SECNA and its work at

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Thank you for a wonderful 2019

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Reflections on the NPA year that was and excitement about the year that will be!

To the amazing NonProfit Alliance Members, Chairs, Coaches and supporting team that bring us together throughout the year and to our speakers and partners who we can’t do without our heartfelt thanks, and warmest wishes for a fabulous 2020.

The time is now to invest in NFP leadership

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What about us?

Have you heard that PwC recently announced a global investment of $3 billion in people development? They understand that the world in which they operate is moving at such a pace; they cannot hire fast enough to serve it. Upskilling every PwC employee is a commitment to ensuring not one staff member is left behind.

Globally experts have identified investing in people and leadership as a critical factor in the ability of the social sector to build sustainability and positive social and environmental change. Yet our sector steadfastly fails to nurture our NFP leaders. Why is this? Is it a lack of resources? Are we strapped for time? Or perhaps it’s a belief that we don’t deserve it. Or shouldn’t be seen investing in ourselves? That the ‘nice to haves’ are for our corporate peers.

NFP work is hard, and yet the Australian social sector continues to attract talented, thoughtful, passionate and experienced people at every level, including to its leadership ranks. We’re working to improve the most persistent and challenging issues facing the community; poverty, illness, environmental crises – the list goes on. A prosperous, sustainable society depends in large part on our organisations and the ability of our leaders to deliver on mission. But where is the support and investment in the NFP people who do this work?

Our NPA Members are amongst the lucky ones – or should I say the smart ones – who understand the immense value of surrounding themselves with peers who can help them realise their purpose, so much more effectively than doing it alone. And the Members who reap the greatest value are those that maximise every opportunity to tap into the brains trust, that is their NPA Leadership Hub.

As our community grows the level of support and collaborative bonds that we see building amongst our Members is heartening. When our recent survey saw 89% Members agree that “NPA provides professional and emotional support from my peers that I don’t get anywhere else” we are reassured that we are providing a vital service to our sector leaders.

Our community is for leaders like you. From CEOs through to Senior Managers, there is the monthly peer2peer NPA Leadership HUB program for senior executives and the NPA Coaching Program to support our aspiring NFP leaders of tomorrow.

You don’t have to go it alone. The NPA Community is here, ready to help you to invest in yourself and your organisation. Talk to us, or come along for a complimentary Discovery Day to experience the power of the NPA Leadership HUB for yourself.

Make 2020 the year you invest in yourself – and be loud and proud to announce it!


It’s good to talk – and even better to listen

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Listening to and acting on constructive feedback ensures that we continue to refine the HUB offering to deliver for our members’ needs. This year we surveyed the HUB membership to canvass their views on a range of issues from the design of the HUB program, to how the HUB benefitted them as leaders.

We’re delighted to share some incredible results with you.  Eighty-nine per cent of surveyed members agree that they are more knowledgeable about the sector because of their HUB membership, 95% value the chance to share in the confidential HUB setting and 92% agree that the HUB helps them to think through their leadership challenges.

Thank you to all our HUB members for taking part! We look forward to sharing continuing program enhancements, based on your feedback, in 2020.

New coaches join the NPA Coaching Team

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We are delighted to share that our NPA Coaching Team is expanding and bringing a wealth and diversity of sector knowledge and experience with it.

Our Coaching Team includes NFP industry veterans Nicci Dent, Dr Astrid Perry, Georgina King and Adam Blatch.

Exclusively for senior managers and aspiring leaders, the NPA Coaching Program is a personalised learning and mentoring journey focused on developing the individual leadership skills and expertise of managers who want to move up in the sector. This program can be taken over 12 or 6 months, depending on your availability and requirements.

Download the NPA Coaching Kit 2019 to learn more.