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Career Development

Strategic Concepts That Set Top Companies Apart

By Business, Career Development, Leadership, Personal

Strategic concepts come in and out of fashion as the needs and dynamics of the marketplace change.

Research and analysis of today’s landscape identifies six key strategic concepts that set outperforming companies apart: Borrow someone’s road, partner with a third party, reveal your strategy, be good, let the competition go, and adopt small scale attacks.


4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Careers

By Career Development, Personal

The article discusses the ongoing consideration of career shifts post-Great Resignation and offers four critical questions from “Reinventing You” to ponder before transitioning to a new field. These questions include understanding the motivation behind the change, testing hypotheses through small-scale experiments, assessing financial readiness for potential pay cuts, and devising fallback plans to mitigate risks. By addressing these considerations, professionals can navigate career transitions more smoothly and effectively unleash their talents in new endeavors.


How do leaders assess their own performance?

By Career Development, Leadership, Personal

The article explores CEO performance assessment through insights gleaned from a preliminary analysis of a CEO Excellence Assessment Tool encompassing over 100 CEOs.

It reveals areas where CEOs exhibit confidence as well as vulnerability, providing insights into the leadership challenges they encounter. Notably, while CEOs feel adept at managing personal effectiveness, they encounter difficulties in board management and stakeholder engagement.


People with purpose: Leading by example – and why every NFP leader can benefit from peer-to-peer mentoring

By Business, Career Development, Leadership, Personal

Carmel Molloy, CEO of the NonProfit Alliance (NPA), emphasises the critical importance of investing in the leadership capabilities of not-for-profit (NFP) leaders for fostering a socially aware Australia. Carmel’s journey from teaching to marketing agencies to the NFP sector led her to found the NPA, aiming to fill the gap in peer-to-peer programs for NFP leaders. Carmel identifies the multitude of challenges faced by NFP organisations, emphasizing the need for robust leadership, peer support networks, and continuous investment in leadership development to achieve greater social impact.

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How to Improve Your Soft Skills as a Remote Worker

By Career Development, Personal, Workplace

In the age of AI, soft skills are the hidden gems of the workplace, but they can be a challenge to build when you work from home. Without daily, face-to-face interactions with colleagues, learning the nuances of how to communicate and collaborate is just plain harder.

So what are some practical steps you can take to develop soft skills when Zoom calls are your norm? The author outlines seven strategies to try. READ MORE HERE.

Start Your New Leadership Role with the End in Mind

By Career Development, Leadership, Personal

To successfully step into a new role and set yourself up for long-term success, you must balance “now-forward” planning with “future-back” visioning. That is, you must start with the end in mind, envisioning what you want to accomplish during this era of your leadership and what needs to happen before for can take the next step. This mindset will empower you to make early decisions that will accelerate your transition, pave the way for long-term impact in the new role, and contribute to your continued career growth.

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Becoming a high-potential CEO candidate: The journey to the top​

By Business, Career Development, Leadership, People & Culture, Personal

The road to becoming CEO is a difficult ascent for even the most seasoned leaders. Explore these 4 keys to making the journey a success:

  1. Take a gut check of your motivations and expectations
  2. Elevate your perspective while boldly delivering results
  3. Round out your profile with humility
  4. Understand the CEO selection process and put your best foot forward

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Why Leadership agility is a Superpower​

By Business, Career Development, Leadership, People & Culture, Personal

As the uncertainties and complexities of our world continue to increase, leadership agility has become a foundational attribute for organisational success. 

Leadership agility is the ability for a leader to take effective actions in the midst of complex and rapidly changing conditions – this article provides a roadmap for leaders to accelerate their ability to learn, adapt, and evolve.

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