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7 Strategies To Retain Culture In A Downturn

By Business, Leadership, People & Culture, Personal

We are in uncertain times. It is normal to look within your business, and start thinking about the future. Culture should be the number one thing, you look to bolster during challenging times.​

A global health crisis has exposed outdated economic, political and social systems – not least within the workplace. And now? We find ourselves staring down the barrel of a (potential) recession.

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Why We’ll Never Be the Same Again (and Why It’s Time to Talk About It)

By Business, Leadership, Personal, Work-Life Balance, Workplace

“This is one of the most important conversations that we’ve ever had on the Dare to Lead podcast. I’m talking with Scott Sonenshein, a researcher, organizational psychologist, and New York Times best-selling author, about the pandemic, the racial reckoning, and work—specifically, what it means for people going to the office for the first time, or staying hybrid, or working from home. We will never be the same again after what we’ve experienced over the past couple of years, and it’s time we talk about how we’re going to rebuild moving forward”. – Brene Brown

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Reinventing Your Leadership Team

By Business, Leadership, Workplace

As companies strive to build competitive advantage in a world obsessed with digitising, they find that what they need from their leaders is changing. Their top people must be able to reimagine the company’s place in the world and transform the organization to live up to a more ambitious purpose. That will mean fundamental change not only in the executives themselves but also in how they collectively manage and lead the business.

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Good Leaders Know You Can’t Fight Reality

Good Leaders Know You Can’t Fight Reality

By Leadership, Personal

Acceptance is often misunderstood as approval or being against change, but it is neither. Acceptance is about acknowledging the facts and letting go of the time, effort, and energy wasted in the fight against reality. 

This paper offers three kinds of acceptance that leaders should focus on: 1) Accepting results 2) Accepting circumstances 3) Accepting their failings and those of others.

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