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Work-Life Balance

How to Be a Purpose Driven Leader Without Burning Out​

By Leadership, Personal, Work-Life Balance

Consider a more impact-driven leadership philosophy called “noble-purpose leadership,” that ties leaders and teammates to the pursuit of a shared goal that positively impacts constituents.​

The message is clear: You’re in your role to make an impact. This requires more strategic thinking in terms of where to place your efforts. This article explores three areas where managers can shift their lens to noble-purpose leadership.

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Australian Companies Thriving with Four-Day Work Week Trials​

By Business, People & Culture, Personal, Work-Life Balance

Australian companies that implemented trials of a four-day work week have experienced many positive outcomes.

These case studies show increased employee productivity, improved work-life balance, and enhanced employee well-being as a result of the reduced workweek. 

The findings indicate a growing trend towards exploring alternative work arrangements that prioritise employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Why employees and managers can’t ignore the social and mental health impact of WFH ​

By Business, Mental Health, People & Culture, Personal, Work-Life Balance, Workplace

Research shows loneliness and lack of social support are leading contributors to burnout. One potential and evolving source of isolation is the emerging trend of working from home.

As employees and employers continue to adapt to the new normal this research provides a strong reminder for us to all remember the importance of social connection especially in the work from home setting. 

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‘Phubbing’: snubbing your loved ones – or colleagues – ​ for your phone can do more damage than you realise​

By Business, IT/Digital, People & Culture, Personal, Work-Life Balance

Research shows in workplace settings, a boss phubbing their employees diminished the employees’ trust in their boss. This led to lower engagement with their work, decreased job satisfaction and poorer performance in general.

Phubbing made employees feel socially excluded, lowered their motivation and even threatened their self-esteem. 

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