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You might not be able to escape the digital transformation, but you can certainly embrace it. Embracing your company’s transformation into a digital enterprise will help you avoid being left behind as other businesses evolve. Here are some tips to get started: 

Be aware that it is a process of continuous change. 

If you are a small business owner, you may have fallen into the trap of believing that digital transformation is something that happens in one fell swoop. For example, if your company has been around for a decade or more, it might be hard to imagine that it could be entirely transformed by major technological advancements within five years. However, as we’ve discussed and will continue to discuss throughout this series of blog posts on Digital Transformation for Small Businesses, this isn’t the case at all! 

Digital transformation is not an event but rather a process—a continuous process of change. Therefore, there are several things you can do to prepare yourself for the future. 

This is a cultural change, not just an IT project 

While IT is essential to the digital transformation process, it’s not the end goal. IT becomes useful when it involves all stakeholders and helps them achieve their goals. A digital transformation project—which can include implementing new apps, integrating systems and processes, or even replacing old hardware—isn’t just about putting computers into people’s hands. It’s about getting everyone on board with your brand’s mission and vision while making them feel they’re contributing to something greater than themselves. 

Digital transformation can be intimidating if you are not technically savvy   

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

This is a big one. Most people don’t have the time or resources to become an expert in everything when it comes to digital transformation, so they can either 1) hire someone who knows what they are doing, or 2) outsource some of their needs (like having a developer build out their website). If you aren’t sure where to start, feel free to reach out, and we will be happy to guide you through this process. 

Automate the simple stuff first. 

You’ve heard of the Pareto Principle—that 20% of your actions can account for 80% of your results. This is true in business and personal life alike. If you want to get, more done in less time, start by automating the things that take up too much of your attention or are simply boring or unpleasant to do. Doing so lets you focus on the most important things to your business, like meeting with customers and making sales calls. 

You don’t need nor should you try and use the latest technology available at once. 

You don’t need nor should you try and use the latest technology available at once. Start small, go slow, and test your assumptions along the way. Don’t try to do everything at once. You should probably avoid using the latest technology on offer at all costs – it’s not worth it! 

You can use whatever progress you make and build on it. 

Moreover, you can use whatever progress you make and build on it. If a certain initiative works better than expected and brings in more revenue, you can use that knowledge to improve other aspects of your business. 

You may find that certain things don’t work as advertised or are too costly to maintain. Don’t give up—instead, try something else! The beauty of digital transformation is that every step forward creates new opportunities for growth and innovation. 

Transformation is not always related to tech. 

If you’re reading this article, chances are that your business has some sort of digital presence. If you’ve got a website and/or social media channels, you have already taken the first steps toward becoming more digitally enabled. 

But just because technology plays a role in your business doesn’t mean that it is transforming your company into something new and exciting! Digital transformation is not just about technology—it’s about changing how we do things as businesses. It means adapting to change, taking advantage of new opportunities and creating something entirely new for our customers. 

Digital transformation is just another way of saying that your company wants to evolve to remain relevant in an increasingly digital world, but these changes do not have to be overwhelming. 

Digital transformation is a process of continuous change that extends from the very core of your business, touching every aspect of how you do things. It’s not just about technology—it’s about culture, collaboration, and the way you work together. 

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though! The first step in digital transformation is figuring out what you want your company to look like and what needs to change for it to happen (and then actually making those changes). 


We’ve already been through this process, and it doesn’t take much. Just remember that digital transformation is a continuous process, so don’t get overwhelmed by the enormity of it all! Start small and build on what you have learned. 

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Jane Ferrier