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Who is eligible to join?

NPA Leadership Hubs accept applications from senior level executives who work in non-profit and social purpose organisations, and are leadership/executive/senior team members, within their respective organisations. This includes both paid and unpaid roles.

The NPA Coaching Program is available for senior managers and aspiring leaders within the non-profit and social purpose sector.

What time commitment is required?

NPA Leadership Hubs meet for one full day per month. This is your opportunity to focus on the business rather than the operational requirements within the business. Plus once a quarter you will have a personal ‘one on one’ mentoring session (x1.5 hours) with your Hub Chair.

NPA Coaching Program members receive 8 “one to one” mentoring sessions and 4/6 keynote speaker sessions as part of the full 12-month program. There is the option of an intensive 6-month program as well.


Do I stay with the same group of Leadership Hub members every month?

Staying with the same group of colleagues (your Hub) allows all members to develop a greater understanding of each other’s businesses and a greater level of intimacy and trust – with dedicated peers who understand the genuine issues affecting Australia’s non-profit sector, and are willing to share collective knowledge, experience and support.

All our Leadership Hubs meet in the same location each month which allows for additional networking at break times. Each Hub meeting also includes our Keynote Speaker Series, which provides you the opportunity to hear from experts about challenges and opportunities facing the sector. This series is also open to the NPA Coaching Program Members, external guests and potential new Hub members.

Once a quarter all the Hub’s come together to discuss the broader issues and work together, expanding the experience and knowledge to assist you in your leadership journey.

How do I convince my Board and management that this program is worth the investment?

NPA can provide individually tailored letters and materials that can be used to assist you in seeking Board, corporate sponsor, or CEO/Management approval. We are also available, on request, to meet with your organisational decision makers to present and discuss the benefits of the program.

Please also refer to the recent research paper “Learning for Purpose: Researching the Social Return on Education and Training in the Australian Not-for-Profit Sector.” A 3-year study conducted by the Centre for Social Impact (WA). You can download this here.

How long do I have to commit to the Leadership Hub Program?

NPA requires a minimum 12-month commitment to the program. The program is best suited to members who are willing to make a long-term commitment – as the true value lies in the trust and depth of understanding that members develop about each other’s businesses as well as the growth and development of you as a leader over the long term.

This is not a 12-month training program. The concept is modelled on corporate leadership programs where leaders grow and develop their businesses over many years, achieve long term success and enhance their skills and leadership ability. The focus is to help you achieve your long-term strategies and goals.


What if the program is not right for me?

Every effort will be made to ensure that you are well suited to the other members of the Leadership Hub that you join, or that you aligned with your NPA Coach. If, however, you decide that the program is not right for you, for whatever reason, Leadership Hub members will be required to give three months’ notice prior to resigning from the Program.


What does my membership include?

For more information on our NPA Leadership Hub Program please click here

For more information on our NPA Coaching Program please click here


Where is the Program based?

Our Program is currently based in the Sydney CBD, New South Wales, but attracts members who fly from regional areas to attend monthly meetings. If you are located interstate and interested in attending NPA please contact us. We can talk through your individual situation and logistics, or place you on our mailing list for when future opportunities arise, if travel is prohibitive.


How do I become a NPA Chair or Coach?

All NPA Chairs and Coaches must be proven business leaders from the non-profit sector. They must have spent time employed in leadership positions, not just through consultancy roles. All NPA Chairs and Coaches are trained Practitioners in the Strengths Profiler tool and have experience in leadership coaching and mentoring, within the NFP sector. For more information on our team please click here.


How can I support the program as a sponsor/partner?

There are a variety of ways that you can support NPA and our members. For more information please click here.


What about conflict of interest?

NPA will disclose what other executives are in your Leadership Hub prior to you joining. Wherever possible, you will be given the opportunity to meet face to face. Future members are screened by the NPA Chairs and new members meet with the existing Leadership Hub members, prior to joining to ensure there is no real conflict of interest.


How is my confidentiality and that of my organisation protected?

The NPA Programs have very clearly articulated values and behaviours that will be continually enforced by the Chairs, Coaches and members. We are not afraid to have ‘tough conversations’ where a member’s behaviour is not aligned with our values.

Every member will sign an NPA Non-Disclosure Agreement and an NPA Code of Conduct to ensure confidentiality and desired values are upheld. Where a breach of confidentiality, or agreed behaviours, occurs, NPA reserves the right to terminate membership immediately.