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An in-house leadership program for current, emerging, and future leaders.

Ensure you retain talent and build your organisational capability and accountability, by investing in your Management team, the leaders of the future.

Our tailored In-situ management program is designed to harness strengths, build leadership skills, increase engagement and team cohesion. We build capacity, to help management teams to set meaningful goals and to confidently tackle the challenges they face now and in the future.

What we do:

We bring together cohorts of leadership peers – through common location, cause or need – to share the issues and opportunities they face as sector leaders; to harness their individual and collective strengths; and to provide the professional and emotional support they need to thrive
The In-situ Management Hub Program builds the capacity of the social sector and the communities it serves, by catalysing the collective wisdom, knowledge and experience of its Leaders and Managers
We build capacity within organisations and/or communities, to help them set meaningful goals and to confidently tackle the challenges they face now and in the future. We equip them with the knowledge and peer2peer support networks they need to succeed long term

Who it’s for:

Management teams within organisations or communities
Aspiring individual Leaders of social sector organisations

Program Outcomes:

Talent retention: Your Team Leaders/Managers will deepen their connection with – and feel supported and valued by – your organization and/or community
Strengths-based leadership: They will develop a better understanding of how to harness their own leadership strengths and how to spot strengths in others
Solutions focus: They will develop a greater capacity to ask meaningful questions and work through solutions to the issues they are facing
Greater accountability/Higher performance: They will focus on, and be accountable to, their personal and professional leadership goals, aligned to delivering on your organizational strategy
Supportive culture: They will develop a deeper bond and understanding of a cohort of peers, that they can call on for emotional and professional support
Be empowered to empower others: They will feel empowered to put into practice their new-found confidence and knowledge with their own teams
Increased capability: They will enjoy increased capability to deliver on your organisations’ strategic direction, through the collective wisdom and experience that Peer2peer leadership can bring
Expand their knowledge: They will be exposed to thought leadership and develop a broader knowledge and understanding of the sector and bigger issues impacting on its success

The In House Management Hub program can be tailored to meet your organisations individual needs.

This program is delivered by The ForPurpose Alliance (FPA)

Components of the program may include the following:  

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