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As a member organisation who works with nonprofit executives we believe in standing alongside our members and advocating for our sector. Currently there are a number of serious issues that are facing us, in particular the following two items that will have direct and significant impact on most, if not all, charities:

1. The Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 – Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform & The Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Bill 2017; and
2. The ACNC’s submission to the review of 2012 ACNC Legislation.

The objections to the above two items have been widespread, with peak bodies and voices of influence in the sector imploring charities to speak loudly in opposition to their implementation.

• The Electoral Legislation Bill – There is a call for charities to be exempt from the above areas of this Bill which essentially treat charities the same as political parties. Many have warned that the Bill will impose a huge red tape burden for charities and strangle their attempts to advocate for policy change for the Australian community.

• The ACNC Submission – As part of the review of the 2012 ACNC Legislation, the ACNC seeks to add two new objects: one in regard to the effective use of resources and the other in regard to increased accountability of charities, to donors and the public. Both of these additional objects are regarded as complete overreach for the Regulator and it is predicted they will result in significant and unnecessary impact/restrictions on charities.

These are warnings that we need to listen to – and we need to act.

The NonProfit Alliance will be supporting the stand taken by the Community Council for Australia on both these issues:

We note and support the fact that the ACNC has also taken a strong stand for charities to be exempt from the Electoral Legislation Bill (Point 1). As have the FIA, Philanthropy Australia and many other reputable sector entities.

Jane Ferrier