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Exclusively for CEOs and Senior Executives, the NPA Leadership Hub is a vibrant, supportive, learning and mentoring network focused on developing the skills and expertise of senior leadership team members of Australia’s non-profit organisations.

This is not a stand-alone course, but a sustained and long-term peer to peer leadership program, that will support you each day with your leadership challenges and opportunities. Our Leadership Hubs meet once a month to tackle the big challenges and opportunities in a safe and trusted environment. Click here to see our NPA member organisations.

Loved it. Inspirational, motivating, accountability, and fun
– what more could a leader ask for

NPA Leadership Hub Member

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By joining this program,


Become part of a strong community of non-profit leaders who understand you and your business
Receive strategic support and advice from a dedicated hub of 12 peers who, like you, are leaders within the sector.
Work with an experienced non-profit chair/mentor who leads and facilitates the Leadership Hub, drives accountability and decision making and supports you to achieve your goals. You also receive four one-to-one mentoring sessions with your Chair per year.
Gain the expertise and experience of guest speakers who are experts in their field (both from the non-profit and corporate sectors)
Receive and provide peer feedback and advice on strategies, business plans and outcomes
Learn innovative and practical solutions to everyday issues and challenges
Get the opportunity to grow your commercial acumen and your confidence
Be provided with a comprehensive understanding of, and ability to maximise, your personal leadership strengths using the personal emotional intelligence Strengths Profile tool.
Receive practical tools to measure and track monthly success, 90 day goals and business objectives.
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