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This white paper highlights the crucial challenge faced by Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisations in attracting and retaining quality talent due to financial constraints and competitive pressures, emphasizing the necessity of strategic remuneration strategies for sustained success. It discusses the specific considerations for NFPs in tailoring such strategies, emphasizing the importance of clarity in Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and efficient resource allocation. Strategic compensation approaches, including benchmarking, performance plans, and benefits optimization, are proposed to enhance sustainability and growth. The paper also addresses common challenges like misaligned salaries, disparity in pay, and inconsistent compensation, offering strategic solutions such as improved recruitment and retention, financial sustainability, and strengthening reputation through transparent and equitable pay practices. It suggests a strategic remuneration review, ideally conducted with specialized consultants, to optimize talent management practices, ensuring fair and competitive compensation packages aligned with organizational goals and best practices while enhancing employee engagement and retention.


Olivia Mitchell