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Our Commitment

The NonProfit Alliance is a program for leaders who want to challenge traditional approaches to business and challenge themselves. It’s for people who want to grow their own capabilities, develop their team and make a real difference to Australia.

According to a study by the US Corporate Executive Board in 2012, effective leadership is the second top reason for employee satisfaction at work, meaning to keep your organisation happy and productive, you must provide them with well-trained leaders. Showing that the importance of leadership development is responsible also for employee satisfaction.

Our commitment to you is simple.


Help you to find practical solutions to everyday problems by working with your peers, who provide honest feedback based on real life experience and help keep you accountable.
Work with you to build sustained personal and organisational leadership capability by improving your skills of communication, collaboration, problem solving and negotiation.
Help you to build your confidence as a leader in a non-judgmental, supportive and confidential environment, with peers who share your values and vision for a more socially aware world.
Develop your creative and strategic thinking on genuine issues affecting Australia’s non-profit sector and provide an opportunity to share collective knowledge, experience and support.
Ensure you develop the confidence and motivation to challenge the status quo, take new risks and push the boundaries to achieve success.