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Event Date: 05/05/2022

NPA Roundtable Series – May 2022 – A halleluiah moment for charities!

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic many NFP’s were already operating with thin or no margins and limited reserves, a situation that has only escalated in the current economic climate. The pressure to underreport indirect costs (HR, IT, finance), and widespread underfunding of direct program expenditure, leaves NFP’s vulnerable and in a ‘starvation cycle’ limiting their ability to deliver impact. In a halleluiah moment for charities, there has now been formal acknowledgement that low overhead costs are not a true indicator of effective service delivery.
Event Date: 07/04/2022

NPA Masterclass Series 2022: NFP Boards and Management

A 2-part Masterclass designed for For Purpose Leaders and their Chairs/Boards: 1. RoundTable discussion on the CEO-Chair relationship and its impact on organisational culture and success with the Chairs of the NonProfit Alliance; 2. Interactive Masterclass hosted by Ashton Bishop who will guide us through a 5-Step LOCKSTEP model for achieving alignment on the key aspects of your business, that can guide you successfully through change.
Event Date: 03/03/2022

NPA Keynote & Roundtable Series 2022​: Become the leader the world needs you to be!​

How do we go from being a well-intentioned ‘for purpose’ leader, to a leader able to make intentionally impactful change?   After a decade interviewing, working with and learning at the feet of some of the world’s bravest pioneers, Holly Ransom will share some of the best of what these diverse leaders can teach us about life and leadership. 
Event Date: 03/02/2022


Brand purpose is the beating heart of your organisation - learn how to lead with emotion to attract like-minded supporters.
Event Date: 02/12/2021


Introducing our extraordinary '6-Minutes' Speakers for 2021, each one of them a champion in their own right! 
Event Date: 02/12/2021


On 2nd December you are warmly invited to experience a uniquely different NPA event. Best described as a cross between a TEDx Talk and a Pecha Kucha, ‘6 Minutes’ is a celebration of the passion and purpose that is the lifeblood of our sector.
Event Date: 07/11/2021

NPA Keynote Event October: Wellbeing or burnout – which badge are you wearing?

NFP Leaders are known to work tirelessly in the pursuit of social good but is our relationship with hard work and busyness, and the lack of boundaries it can bring, changing?​
Event Date: 03/09/2021

Recording: NPA September Roundtable – The War for Talent: There is movement in the sector.. and the word is getting ‘round!​ ​

Watch the replay of a Roundtable with three experts on The War for Talent in Australia.
Event Date: 02/09/2021

NPA September Roundtable – The War for Talent: There is movement in the sector.. and the word is getting ‘round!​ ​

Is there a war for talent in the Australian NFP job market and should we be concerned?​​ Our three experts share insights on what’s happening in the job market and the ‘push and pull' factors at play for not-for-profits in the war for talent.
Event Date: 03/08/2021

Recording: NPA August Roundtable: Is this regulation, or repression, of Charities by our Government?

Watch the replay of a Roundtable with key individuals who are fighting the good fight on our behalf in August 2021.
Roundtable event
Event Date: 05/08/2021

NPA August Roundtable: Is this regulation, or repression, of Charities by our Government?

“These proposed laws are a case of extreme overreach and have no place in a democracy.” Alice Drury, Senior Lawyer, The Human Rights Law Centre. How did we end up in this place?
Humanatix Header Event
Event Date: 03/06/2021

Next Horizon Thinking

In markets with low organic growth, for-purpose leaders need to start looking to new horizons with new ways of thinking and new places to look for opportunities. The session intends to open up minds from a disruptor’s perspective.