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Our Impact


89% of Members agree that NPA provides professional and emotional support between peers that they do not get anywhere else.

92% of Members believe the NPA Leadership Hub Program helps them think through their challenges.

95% of Members value the chance to share in a confidential setting.

89% of Members believe that they are much more knowledgeable about the sector through being a Member of NPA.

92% of Members agree that the Keynote Speaker Series is a valuable element of the NPA Hub days.


NPA helps to develop leaders who are better able to…

Face growing sector challenges with increased knowledge, competency & confidence

Lead with vision and purpose and inspire a new generation of emerging leaders

Access peak bodies and key professionals inside and outside the sector

Understand the competition from ‘for purpose’ and commercial entities entering the charity space.

Understand revenue diversification, including new markets, social enterprise, impact bonds etc

Access colleagues and know how and when to reach out for support with issues and opportunities

Better understand their business and how to build organisational sustainability

Approach collaboration opportunities with confidence in their decision making

Enable innovation, investment and leadership development and growth in their own organisations

Meet the increased demands of compliance and regulation (ACNC; FIA)

Monitoring program effectiveness:

NPA has a continual process of monitoring and evaluating program effectiveness – through both informal and formal evaluation and surveys:

  1. Program concept and design was tested with 200+ NFP Leaders who took part in Focus Groups and information sessions – prior to and following launch.
  2. Program concept and design was peer reviewed through presentations to peak industry bodies and sector influencers including Centre for Social Impact; Philanthropy Australia; Social Ventures Australia; CCA and many more.
  3. Every Keynote is evaluated by our Members
  4. NPA Members are surveyed upon entry to the program and at intervals.
  5. Exit interviews and surveys are conducted.
  6. Testimonials are captured.
  7. Anecdotal feedback is sought at 1on1 sessions with NPA Chairs and Members.