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Our Members

Our members are from all parts of the Australian social purpose sector.


NPA provides a net that catches and supports me in the challenges I’m facing. Having the space, people and power of the group, the different lenses they bring, and the facilitation skill of the mentors and coaches, helped me work through these challenges. It’s the lightbulb moments when I realise I’ve just been skimming the surface of an issue or see the light on the road I didn’t know how to navigate that are the most valuable. NPA has fundamentally changed how I have approached the new working environment.

Aleisha Davis, CEO – The Sheperd Centre

The past two years have been extremely challenging, and NPA’s collegial mentoring and support have been invaluable. NPA has been integral in providing innovative concepts and approaches in addition to information, tools, sector insights and support benefitting the sustainability of organisations. This support and the monthly catch up days that nourish learning and social connections have been essential to my professional and self-development.

Patricia Abraham, CEO – Eurella

NPA has been so many things for me but the one that keeps coming to mind is the opportunity to pause, breathe, reflect and recharge each month. I hugely value being able to do this in a safe space with people I know will understand my challenges and can guide me on how to overcome them. I would be lost without this community.

Megan Donnell, Director and CEO – Childhood Dementia Initiative

I’ve grown both professionally and personally through my interactions with colleagues. I have gained focus through the Goal Tracker and holding myself accountable to achieve my goals, and I am seeing the learning I have passed on to my Executive benefit them through me. I reflect often what a game changer the NPA Hub has been for me and I am grateful that this opportunity exists and that I have been fortunate to be a part of it.

Mandy Green, CEO – Capital Region Community Services

After my first hub session I finally felt supported, empowered and not alone. I feel the same way after every session. I can’t describe how important the Hub has been for me, especially during my toughest year. I am so grateful, this community is really something special.

Heidi Prowse, Executive Manager – Strategy & Impact – Capital Region Community Services

Through the toughest of times, NPA has enabled connection, conversations and support to allow us to lead and be better people managers… we have reflected collectively on the importance of resilience, trust, purpose and values. The sector is stronger for NPA and all it has enabled through an incredible network.

Kate Miranda, Director, Australian Red Cross

The leadership of this alliance is outstanding, helping us navigate a path of connection and collaboration in a time that for so many, is a time of more competition and isolation.

Chris Giles, CEO – Little Athletics NSW

What Inspires our NPA Members