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Our Story

The NonProfit Alliance (NPA) was established in 2015 through the passion of our founders, who, after years of service in the non-profit sector, were disillusioned with the limited opportunities available for non-profit executives to come together, learn and share in a safe and collaborative environment.

They recognised the challenges and complexities faced by non-profit leaders and that a high level of skill and expertise is often required to lead social sector organisations. It was also evident that there was a lack of investment in the sustained development of current and future leaders, especially compared to the business sector and that many of the leadership models available did not cater to the unique needs of not-profit leaders.

In a recent study by the Association for Talent Development in the US, leadership development has been shown to make a bigger impact on an organization’s success than an organization’s “culture of innovation”.

The recent Learning for Purpose research, led by the Centre for Social Impact at the University of Western Australia Business School, demonstrates the direct benefits of investing in leadership development. The study found that professional development activities addressing non-profit governance, strategic leadership and impact evaluation, were found to have systematic positive effects on those trained. Eighty-three per cent attested that training encouraged discussion of new practice or policy; 69% applied their new knowledge and skills once a week or more.

A cost-benefit analysis suggested that every dollar spent on capacity- building generated, on average, a positive return of $6.

NPA has been established to meet the needs of the non-profit and social purpose sector. The NPA Leadership Programs bring together leaders who are united in their belief in creating a better world; who choose to work in unique but complex organisations which deliver social outcomes; and who ultimately believe in their ability to affect meaningful change.

NPA is committed to delivering this program as cost effectively as possible and assisting those organisations that may require funding participate in the NPA programs.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Our Founder

Carmel Molloy
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

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