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Cyber security keynote

Did you know that Cybercriminals are attracted to the Charity sector?

As charities, our reputation and trusted relationships are key to our success – but the data we hold on thousands, if not millions, of individuals makes us an attractive target for cyberattack.

Protecting your charity’s valuable supporter and client data from unauthorised access, should be a high priority for NFP leaders and boards. How high is digital protection in your priorities?

Maria Padisetti is an IT expert who will help explain cyber security in a language we can all understand. This session will include:

  • Understanding the current threat landscape
  • Establishing Cyber Security to increase resilience and manage risk
  • Driving cybersecurity priorities and investments with an outcome-driven approach

If you are a C-Suite Executive or Director, you understand the critical role you play in ensuring the resilience of your organisation, at this time of unprecedented risk.

Join us to make sure that cyber security stays top of your mind.

Date: Thursday 6 May 2021

Time: 11:30am- 12:30pm

Location: NPA Zoom Webinar

Price: $39.00 for Non-Members

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