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Brand purpose is the beating heart of your organisation – learn how to lead with emotion to attract like-minded supporters.

Explore how emotionally driven leadership can attract like-minded supporters, partners and collaborators; and discover practical frameworks to help you articulate your brand story.

On 3rd February you are warmly invited to be a part of NPA’s first event of the Keynote and Roundtable Series 2022, Your Brand Story – of love and leadership.

About Our Speaker: 

Carolyn Butler-Madden is the author of ‘Path to Purpose’ and ‘For Love and Money’; a speaker, podcaster and Chief Purpose Activist at The Cause Effect.

Carolyn believes that purpose is the beating heart of an organisation. Inspiring and energising its people, shaping its culture, creating collaboration opportunities with partners, building movements of change through its marketing, driving innovation and creating meaningful impact that stakeholders feel proud about and ultimately creating strong, resilient and human businesses for the twenty-first century.

“I help leaders transform their businesses by defining, articulating and embedding social purpose in their business in a meaningful way.”

In this session, sharing examples and practical frameworks, Carolyn builds the case for Brand Story being a story of both love and leadership.

  •   The context: why we need emotionally-driven leadership today to build sustainable brands
  •   The importance of Brand Story in attracting like-minded partners and collaborators
  •   The six key elements you need to be clear on, before developing your Brand Story
  •   A simple and powerful framework to bring your Brand Story to life

Find our more about Carolyn at:…

Event details: 

Date: Thursday 3rd February 2022

Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Location: Zoom NPA

Price: $39.00 for Non-Members

FREE for NPA members (NPA HUB; Coaching; Associate Members only)


We look forward to seeing you there!

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