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Another day, another negative media story about the non-profit sector. Whether focused on fundraising practices, administration and business costs or “fat cat” non-profit CEO salaries, the sector is constantly put under pressure to deliver huge social impact with impeccable governance, whilst justifying the need to invest in being a well-run and more importantly a high achieving organisation.

And that was the mighty topic our September Keynote Speaker Series used to create a conversation that ranged from Board engagement, composition and diversity; rebranding the sector and changing our language; the economic impact of the social sector; data collection; collaboration; and many other issues. There was a lot of food thought and our keynote today was only the start of the conversation. But the final message succinctly seemed to be: it costs to deliver outcomes and we shouldn’t apologise for that. What do you think?

A huge thanks to our panel and facilitator, Gretel Killeen. Our next Keynote Speaker Series event will be held in November. Watch out for more details to come.

Jane Ferrier