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A global study by the Corporate Leadership Council of almost 20,000 people across multiple organisations and industries found that when people were encouraged to focus on their strengths, their performance increased by an extraordinary 36%. When they focused on weaknesses, performance dropped by 27%.

According to Australia’s Langley Group, giving people a language to talk about each other’s strengths and how they can contribute them specifically toward team goals” is one of the most powerful things you can do to increase collaboration. Of course, defining and determining strengths can be a challenge. The best way to facilitate this is by using a proven tool, such as the CAPP Strengths Profile.

NPA conducts both individual Strengths Assessments + highly engaging Team Strengths Profiling and Workshops.

At NPA we don’t just want you to learn the practicalities, we also want you to understand what makes you a great leader and how you can use your strengths to create maximum impact.

All our NPA members receive a comprehensive understanding of, and the ability to maximise, their personal leadership strengths, using the personal Strengths Profile that provides a positive platform for professional development.

Realised Strengths

Strengths you use and enjoy

Use wisely

Unrealised Strengths

Strengths you don’t use as often

Use More


Learned Behaviours

Things you do well but may not enjoy

use when needed


Things you find hard and don’t enjoy

Use Less

All our NPA Chairs and Coaches are accredited CAPP Strengths Practitioners through our partnership with The Langley Group – Australia’s experts in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience -we guide each member through their profile and help them to understand how they can use this to their advantage.

Designed by Alex Linley from a decade of theoretical and empirical research in positive psychology, the Strengths Profile has been used by global leaders including Aviva, Oracle and Ernst & Young. This program aims to unlock your performance potential by helping you to realise your strengths.

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For further information about the Individual & Team Strengths please contact:

Carmel Molloy – CEO 

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