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  1. There’s nothing for hackers to steal. 
  2. We’re too small/big to be interesting. 
  3. We’re in a boring sector. 
  4. We’re in a sector where we have to share data. 
  5. We don’t keep our crown jewel data on the network. 
  6. No one could possibly guess the password for that shared folder and all its contents. 
  7. Our password policy is really strong, so we’re fine. 
  8. We use two-factor authentication everywhere, so we’re safe. 
  9. This is a problem for the IT department, not me. 
  10. We can’t afford an IT security department or team. 
  11. We don’t know that we must worry about cybersecurity. 
  12. Security isn’t a revenue-generating function. 
  13. No one else is worried about it, so why should we? 
  14. We haven’t been breached yet, so we don’t need to do anything. 
  15. It’s impossible to stay 100% secure. 
  16. The latest security technologies are too expensive for us to afford. 
  17. Private companies shouldn’t be responsible for protecting the public from hackers. 
  18. If there’s a problem, it will very likely only impact our customers, and we can fix it later. 
  19. Nothing terrible has happened to the other nearby businesses. 
  20. It’s not in our budget this year. 
  21. It’s not a priority. 
  22. We already do some things that we think are protecting us. 
  23. We don’t have the staff for it. 
  24. The management doesn’t care about it. 
  25. It’s a technical problem, not the management’s responsibility to understand. 
  26. Employees can handle the problem themselves. 
  27. We are afraid of making mistakes. So, we are still thinking about it. 
  28. It doesn’t support security fixes/initiatives – they see them as redundant at best and harmful to productivity at worst. 
  29. Security measures are thwarted due to compliance concerns in our organisation. 
  30. Security people rarely talk about risk in an easy-to-understand way for non-technical people. 
  31. We are focused on competitive advantage instead of risk management. 
  32. We don’t have real data on whether cybersecurity makes a difference to our bottom line. 
  33. It feels like a waste of time and money — isn’t cybersecurity just an unnecessary distraction? 
  34. Aren’t most hackers just teenage boys sitting in their bedrooms? That’s not a massive threat to us. 
  35. What if we spend all this time talking about cybersecurity, and then nothing bad happens? That’ll prove it really is a waste of time! (Then again, if something terrible does happen, everyone will blame me for not doing enough.) 
  36. It can’t happen to us. 
  37. It’s not my job. 
  38. I don’t even know what cybersecurity is. 
  39. Customers demand lots of convenient features in our apps and services that aren’t compatible with strong privacy and security. 

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Jane Ferrier