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We know that Ransomware attacks result in financial loss – from ransom payments to productivity.

We know these can be quantified and measured.

There is substantial evidence that ransomware attacks have significant psychological impacts on victims, including anxiety, depression, panic attacks and PTSD.

Individuals may feel guilt and shame if they are blamed for the attack, and they may be traumatized and fearful of experiencing another attack.

These mental health effects may be exaggerated by the financial, employment and relationship losses that can occur as a result of ransomware attacks.

Like reputational damage, the psychosocial impact of ransomware attacks is difficult to measure.

In the days when employees choose workplace culture over salaries, it is important for the organisations to study and develop proper tools and standards to identify the victims who are affected by ransomware attacks and measure the social and psychological impacts in monetary terms that can be appreciated by enterprise management.

Perhaps, organisations that deeply care about their people and the culture can prevent these damages by improving their security posture to prevent such attacks.

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Jane Ferrier