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The ransomware attacks have at least doubled since 2020. It is an excellent idea to develop an information security strategy before looking for tools to protect you from a ransomware attack.

However, whatever your strategy, you must get these eight areas right. 

  1. Backups. Do you back critical information? Do you store them offline? Are the backups tested regularly to ensure the files work? 
  2. Cybersecurity assessment. Do you know what your risks are? These risks keep changing. So, do these reviews periodically. 
  3. Staff Training. It is not enough to train the staff once. To reinforce cybersecurity awareness, you must train them regularly. 
  4. Patching. Are all systems and applications patched?  
  5. Whitelisting the applications. Do you allow only the approved applications to run on your network?  
  6. Incident response plan. Do you have a plan? Have you tested it?  
  7. Business continuity plan. Have you developed a business continuity plan? Do you periodically test?  
  8. Pen testing. Have you (or engaged someone) to penetrate your computer network to test how vulnerable your system is. Please, conduct this test periodically. 

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Jane Ferrier